Wood Fences

Provider of wood fences in the foothills region.

In general, we recommend using pressure treated lumber for all wood residential fences. Pressure treated lumber is typically spruce that is treated with ACQ (Alkaline Copper Quarternary.) This is a newer product that offers the same benefits as the older arsenic-treated lumber, but with substantially fewer poisonous chemicals. Lumber manufacturers are voluntarily shifting away from arsenic treated products, and T&C is eager to support this environmentally conscious move. ACQ uses 100% recycled copper from previous applications, reducing the production costs on the raw material.

Another popular and stylish choice for wood fencing is cedar. Cedar is the most expensive type of wood fencing we offer, but given its naturally warm color and tendency to age slowly, it’s a great choice for ornamental fences. Spruce lumber can be used for fencing and is an economical choice. As it is untreated lumber, we recommend that homeowners choosing spruce consider treating and/or painting the fence in order to preserve its integrity and get the most for their dollar.

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